Coder was designed for investors

Optimize your portfolio
 with technology

Whether you are a single angel, venture fund or big PE firm, providing added value beyond capital will get you in the best deals.

Investor Benefit Overview

Provide true value to your Investments

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Technology Solution Network

Tap into the brightest minds and see whats happening in these industries and how your venture can benefit from them.

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Increased Transparency

Measure project performance and key metrics all from one dashboard.

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Enhanced Insight

Gain indispensable insight from continually updated status reports and push your venture to new horizons.


Designed to help you multiply your returns

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Team Augmentation

Access the resources to help your portfolio grow

Finding a tech team can be daunting, especially when you don’t have a technology background. Not any more. Coder assembles a team to get you up and going quickly and correctly.

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Capital Transparency

Know where your money is being spent

With site-wide transparency, you’ll know where every penny you invest goes. Questions like “is the project still within budget?” and “Has the design team been paid yet?” are a thing of the past.

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Deal Flow Diligence

Invest with confidence

Are you avert to having tech investments in your portfolio because you “Don’t Know Tech”? The Coder platform provides access to the experts needed to help with your due diligence process and give you long term confidence in the tech investment asset class.

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All-in-one Solution

Help your companies get to the next round of financing

Our blockchain smart contract system is optimized with capital efficiency in mind. By locking funds in escrow on the blockchain, it ensures a clearly focused product deliverable. A more focused product has a greater chance of growth trajectory.