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Platform Demo

Sprinter opens huge opportunities for everyone: project owners, business owners, agencies, technologists, and corporations. The Sprinter platform will help you structure and organize workflows to increase efficiency and reduce costs while helping you find talent for your business needs. Sprinter is the operating system for your distributed business.

Key Demo Highlights
  • Business + Team Administration
  • Project Onboarding + Kickoff
  • Delivery Planning
  • Task management + Time tracking
  • Payment Escrow Protocol
  • Data Analytics + Project Reporting

Benefits of the Platform

Manage Your Time

Time is Money so let’s make yours worthwhile. Track your team’s progress toward your milestones and hit your deadlines.


Manage Your Talent

Hire smart people and stay out of their way. Give your people the resources they need to achieve your business goals.


Manage Your Budgets

Know who’s doing what, when, and how much it’s going to cost you. Avoid budget overruns and eliminate execution risk.


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