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WHAT IS Product Development?

Go from concept on napkin to working product

Product Development encompasses all the technical aspects of the project; from creating a working minimum viable product (MVP) to enhancing its features based on user feedback. The product development cycle is integral to the success of your final product. Our development team executes the product roadmap to build the functionality your product needs to thrive in the market.

Product Development Deliverables

Minimum Viable Product

Minimal Viable Product

Design and develop the just features you need to bring your product to market

Working Beta Product

Working Beta

Produce a fully functioning beta version of your software for user testing

Scalable Release

Scalable Release

Build upon the foundation of your product in support of your user acquisition goals

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Blockchain-backed business intelligence

Coder provides an end to end software solution to accelerate the launch of your product and growth of your business.

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Accelerated Venture Development

Coder provides vetted teams of developers, designers, product managers, marketers, sales and business strategists ready to collaborate and execute your vision.

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We speak tech so you don’t have to. How can we help you become a better entrepreneur and business owner? Learn from the insights we’ve gained over the course of our careers.