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WHAT IS Sales + Marketing?

What does your business have to say?
Who do you want to care? Why?

Development and execution of a comprehensive strategy to drive traffic to your business and convert site visitors to paying customers. This is conducted via social media, blogging, email newsletters, video production, direct outreach and other sales + marketing channels. A successful 21st century business needs to quantify their sales process to leverage technology and data analytics to close new business, reach sales goals, and drive revenue generation.

Sales + Marketing Deliverables

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Integrated Marketing and Communication Strategy

What’s the message you’re going to send to the market? How to you want to tell your story? Develop a thorough, complete, and inclusive strategy to promote brand awareness and engage your target audience.

Content Editorial Calendar

Multichannel Editorial Calendar

Build a PR and content marketing roadmap to define your engagement strategy leveraging old and new media strategies to craft your business narrative across a blend of blog posts, email newsletters, white papers, case studies, infographics, and videos.

Content Production

Content Production and Syndication

Time to take the strategy and the plan and put it into action. Manage the production and promotion of multimedia content to bring your business to potential customers, partners, and investors anywhere in the world.

Social Engagement Analysis

Audience Engagement Analysis

Review the current state of your social media marketing

MultiChannel Targeting

MultiChannel Demographic Targeting

Determine the best marketing channels to reach your target audience

Content Syndication

Content Syndication and Advertising Strategy

Discover how best to promote and share your brand content around the web

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Automate sales prospecting to focus outreach efforts with data driven demographic targeting. Reach who you want, how you want, when you want, and directly engage your audience.

CRM Optimization

CRM Optimization

Organize and develop new sales content, automate outbound engagement, and standardize sales reporting to optimize efficiencies across your sales and business development team.

Funnel Automation

Funnel Automation

Comprehensive strategic review of your sales and marketing operations designed to accelerate time to close. It’s time to make more money, faster.

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Blockchain-backed business intelligence

Coder provides an end to end software solution to accelerate the launch of your product and growth of your business.

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Accelerated Venture Development

Coder provides vetted teams of developers, designers, product managers, marketers, sales and business strategists ready to collaborate and execute your vision.

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We speak tech so you don’t have to. How can we help you become a better entrepreneur and business owner? Learn from the insights we’ve gained over the course of our careers.